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WA Spantruss and Wallbuilders Joint Venture

WA Spantruss and Wallbuilders are pleased to announce a joint venture for the construction of second storey additions and renovations. Wallbuilders, as a registered builder, have been operating in Perth for many years. For more information, please give us a call.


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Welcome to WA Spantruss

WA Spantruss provides engineered timber wall frames, floor and roof trusses to the West Australian housing and construction industry. Over the past seven years we have supplied builders with superior engineered frames using the highest quality materials, and manufactured using the latest technologies.

WA Spantruss offers a complete design, supply and install package for owner builders, small builders, project builders, and large commercial firms. With the industry support we receive from Pryda Australia, we are very confident in the ability of our product to meet the needs of any construction project in Western Australia.


Our Features

  • Competitive and cost effective designs
  • Latest manufacturing technologies
  • Environmentally friendly building solutions
  • High degree of design flexibility allowing personal expression
  • Timber wall frames
  • Timber floors
  • Timber Roof Trusses built to last